Choosing a Morgan


Morgan adjustable recoil pads are designed to improve the comfort and accuracy of your shooting.  Improved comfort is provided by the rubber shoulder pad & sponge rubber layer.  Improved accuracy is provided by the rise/drop adjustment that positions the gun for better sight lines.

Morgan recoil pads come in two versions:  Premium and Economy.  Premium pads, with their CNC machined aluminum mounting plates, are perfect for large or heavily used guns.  Economy pads, with their light weight ABS Plastic plates, are great for general use, small guns, and air guns.

They both have the same adjustments, and both are available with curved or straight Shoulder Pads.  Curved pads provide consistent placement of the gun to the shoulder.  Straight (flat) pads are useful in the field and won't get caught in your coat.

The Butt Plate of every Morgan recoil pad is meant to be trimmed to match the stock by the installer.  Therefore, you want the butt plate of the recoil pad you choose to be at least as large as the stock.  The butt plate dimensions are provided in the product description.  You will need to measure your stock before you make your selection.

Replacement shoulder pads and spare parts are always available.

Note:  the old version, die-cast aluminum plates are no longer produced.

Thank you for your interest in Morgan Adjustable Recoil Pads!

-David Brush, Owner