About Us

Welcome to Morgan Adjustable Recoil Pad Company's official website and store.  Shooters have been using Morgan recoil pads for over 60 years.  William Morgan began developement of his recoil pads back before the second World War.  Morgan was a machinist, inventor, business man, and avid trap shooter in Youngstown, Ohio.  Eventually, his right hand man William Brush (my uncle) took over the business.  I am the third owner.  Morgan is a small, one man operation.  All major components are made locally in Pennsylvania and Ohio, and each recoil pad is assembled, packaged, and shipped by yours truly.  I am proud to say Morgan Recoil Pads are made in the USA, and I thank you for your business.

-David Brush, Owner


Morgan Adjustable Recoil Pad Co., PO Box 156, Cassville, PA 16623